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With Unreal Engine 5 out and looking leagues ahead of anything I’ve seen before, let alone anything I’d be even remotely capable of building, does anyone in the same situation feel like just giving up on their own effort?

Programmer71 said:

Sooner or later, there will be no more reason to write engine not even for fun

I don’t agree with that, for a simple but fair reason, their target audience. Engines like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine are fighting for the same goal, profit and market share. This leads to both products targeting a wide range of developers and so potential customers and while people arrange with that most of the time, they also have to fight ^intended design flaws ̄ in both engines that lead to issues sooner or later.

Yes, both have a community and both offer a huge amount of paid or even free Assets to use but this won’t satisfy all developers to change to Unreal or Unity. There are still engines out there, taking major companies like Deck13, EA, Ubisoft or Valve as an example (Source Engine 2 used in half-Life Alyx made an impressive result as well) also have another interest to keep their engines up to the market standards, fees. My emplyer for example is moving away from Unity in favor for it’s own engine in order to ^optimize the busines process ̄ (whatever that means .\_(ツ)_/.). In the end, there will always be the need for custom engines, at least at companies that have the budget to work on them.

Yes, Epic made a golden shot with Fortnite (btw. is there already an outcome from the Epic vs. Apple beef?) and they did the right thing to massively expand their Epic Game Store and Unreal Engine budgets and yes, their Demo looks impressive but in the end and because they decided to go open source, which I really appreciate, they just cook with water as well, no magic involved but some know-how we can now investigate, read about and maybe reproduce in some mannor to also get impressive results in the future.

So TL;DR: I take Unreal Engine and all other engines out there, which I can get the source code of, as a source of inspiration and motivation for my own work!

RobMadison said:

People say write games instead of engines

People say much on a long day, don’t give to much on that. My father once told me ^you won’t get it to anything ̄ and I proved him wrong. ^experienced developers ̄ told me ^you can’t make your own game engine ̄ when I was young and fascinated from the rapid development and wuality of the young games industry and I proved them wrong as well.

If you want to make a game and you are in time and/or budget preasure, then you should at least consider to use a ready made and battle-tested third-party engine but as long as you don’t have that preasure or just want to make an engine for fun, interest or reasearch reasons, make it and if it doesn’t look that impressive, you still get value in knowledge!

RobMadison said:

I guess that should keep me going but when you watch Nanite in action and then go back to your own engine, any further work feels a bit futile

Like I pointed out above, take it as inspiration and motivation to go on and if you worry about your engine not getting that impressive results, you can still download the Unreal Engine 5 source and have a look into how nanite works and how you might implement something equal into your system.

Anyways, what keeps me going is that I see the wish for a change in games industry. Developers I worked with get more and more frustrated from those monolithic software giants they have to work with every day. I don’t speak of anything specific but professional game engines seem to suffer from one weakness, they have 10, 20 or more GB you need to download and are full of features you don’t need on every game you make (this is what I meant with being generic). And I mean they’re right, I worked with both Unreal and Unity in the past and every Unity upgrade caused trouble in some of our code, in some of Unity’s plugins but also when re-importing everything from the ground up for 72 or more hours.

So what we do with our project instead is to re-think the entire design of modern game engines from the ground up. I took a lot of inspiration from Unreal Engine 4 already (didn’t mention that already right?) and also downloaded Unreal Engine 5 recently, without going into too much detail because I don’t want to hijack this thread, we decided to make evrything powerful but simple. You don’t need complicated build files or rely on certain locations you have to put your code into, you don’t even have to download everything you don’t want for getting started. Our required download size is 900kb instead of several GB. Ever tried to remove something from the Unreal Engine directory you really really are sure don’t need to run your game?; always ended in the entire system complaining about not being able to build anymore .\_(ツ)_/.. This can’t happen with our project because everything is in packages and every package has only the mandatory dependencies it needs to compile. We’re working open source entirely so instead of providing ready made binaries, we just packaged our source code into atomic pieces (every package just fulfills a single usecase) and build more complex systems out of those pieces.

(Did I say to not intend to hijack this thread? Visit our GitHub or get in touch via Discord if you want to know more about it)

Programmer71 said:

its impossible for a single man to compete with unreal

Juliean said:

Early version of unity haven been out for over a decade, and before that, there was RPG-Maker

Godot! Just saying .\_(ツ)_/.

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