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Marvel’s Avengers features Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and here is a look at the most powerful team members the game contains.

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Captain America And Kamala

Though the game hasn¨t been out for very long, it¨s still difficult to keep track of what characters in Marvel¨s Avengers are available to play. Though the sales record-breaking game is full of Easter eggs, it might be lacking in its characters. As Spider-Man was announced as a playable character, then unannounced, then announced again, then unannounced again, it¨s hard to retain excitement for which characters may or may not be playable in the future.

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However, the game was one of the most anticipated titles of 2020?for a reason, and there are still a mess of iconic characters to juggle between in a sandbox that welcomes as much destruction as possible, and what¨s more fun than that? Even with just eight characters, it¨s hard to weigh up which one to control?since?each of them has different powers all with varying degrees of strength. However, there is a hero clearly more powerful than the others, and it may come as a surprise.

Updated June 8, 2021, by Tom Bowen:?Following?its fairly underwhelming launch, Marvel’s Avengers is?slowly starting to feel like the game that was promised to fans all those years ago. Updates and patches have played a big part in this respect, but it’s arguably the addition of a few excellent new heroes that has really helped to change players’ perceptions of the game. There have only been two so far, but with the Black Panther expansion now right around the corner and Spider-Man still expected to swing into PlayStation versions of the game before the year is out, the future’s looking bright for Marvel’s Avengers and those players who have stuck with the game through its troubled beginnings.


Hulk And Iron Man Fighting On The Chimera

Abilities: Grab, Bounding Jump, Wall Jump, Rage, Thunderclap, Stranglehold & Boneshaker.

Seeing the Hulk in some unflattering and de-fearing outfits in the game isn¨t the only thing that might hinder Bruce Banner¨s alter ego¨s ego. Though Hulk is clearly the strongest of The Avengers physically, turning green and bulky is more of a peacocking tactic?than anything else.

Not only is the hero much slower than the others, as playing as the Hulk feels like trying to move porridge, but?his powers?also don¨t do much, especially when he is surrounded by a huge group of enemies. Still, it hasn¨t been this much fun to smash random pieces of metal as the Hulk since The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

Abilities: Flight, Projectile Weapons, Energy Shield, Door Hacking, Hulkbuster, Unibeam, Arc Overload.

Nolan North, the famous voice actor of video games who?has become a star in his own right, is known for voicing video game characters with a quick wit, such a Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series and Deadpool, which makes him perfect to play Tony Stark. Only his sharp sense of humor isn¨t enough for him to be considered one of the most powerful characters in Marvel¨s Avengers.

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There are some great builds for Iron Man that players can attain, but Iron Man still remains one of the weakest characters. It is fun to fly around as the billionaire, and once players have a build that contains rockets in the armor, it¨s more of a fair game, but the character is too hard to control in the sky while in the middle of a war zone, and it becomes awkward.


black widow fighting taskmaster screenshot

Abilities: Firearms, Widow’s Line, Offensive Grapple, Door Hacking, Power Surge, Widow’s Bite & Veil of Shadows.

Surprisingly enough, Black Widow is one of the strongest characters in the game. She is a master drop-kicker, which should be obvious if players have seen any of the movies, as they could make a drinking game out of how many times the character kicks an enemy. Marvel¨s Avengers in no way leaves her on the bench as the Marvel Cinematic Universe did for so long.

Not only is the Widow great in close-range combat, but she is great from afar too, as she is such an incredible weapons specialist. On top of that, her grappling hook, which works kind-of like Spider-Man¨s web-slinging, almost makes us forget that Peter Parker isn¨t in the game. Almost.

Marvel's Avengers Captain America leaked characters new heroes

Abilities: Shield Block, Shield Throw, Somersault Jump, Door Smash, Wall Run, Brooklyn Brawler, Steamroller & Rally Cry.

One of the best moves that Captain America has is being able to double jump, which on paper sounds like he¨s no better than Crash Bandicoot. However,?the Captain does have a massive range of skills that might not make him the most powerful, but just powerful enough and extremely fun to play as.

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Not only is Captain America incredible with weapons, as he can master any weapon he comes across within seconds, but his shield is one of the best parts of the game as it¨s insanely addictive stringing combos together in fights. The way the character?launches himself into enemies using the shield as a battering ram is wholly satisfying. The shield has never looked better either, as neither in games or the movies has the shield ever glowed!


clint barton hawkeye

Abilities: Arrows, Archer’s Instinct, Quickdraw Reflexes, Grapple Arrow, Wall Run, Door Hacking, Nightstorm Arrow, Recovery Arrows & Hunter’s Arrow.

Though many consider Clint Barton to be one of the most underwhelming members of The Avengers, the character’s portrayal in Marvel’s Avengers?is?anything but. His signature bow offers excellent ranged attacks, while his Katana, borrowed from the character’s Ronin persona, makes melee combat incredibly enjoyable too. When combined with his excellent array of skills, he’s a solid?character to say the least.

Incorporating both young and old versions of the character was a stroke of genius on the developers’ part and really does make for an excellent story. Both versions of the character are drastically different and their interactions with each other and other characters are some of the very best in the entire game as a result.

Abilities: Movement, Hammer, Odinforce, Door Smash, Bifrost, God Blast & Warrior’s Fury.

The ultimate question has been answered after all. Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk have all tested Thor’s?strength by attempting to lift his hammer, but none have succeeded, and that¨s because Thor?is more powerful than all of them.?Though one of the best tips for the game is to use and utilize all of the characters, Thor is undoubtedly one of the most powerful.

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Thor is literally a god, so there is no question that he is mostly unmatched, and his hammer feels a lot like a fellow PlayStation god¨s weapon; Kratos¨ axe from God of War. Swinging the hammer and pulling all sorts of tricks with it makes Thor¨s character one of the most powerful and one of the most fun to play. It¨s irresistibly fun.


kate bishop avengers

Abilities: Arrows, Quantum Energy, Quantum Shift, Blink, Door Hacking, Decoy, Warp Arrow & Quantum Overdrive.

Despite being equipped with a similar loadout to Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, Kate Bishop arguably brings a lot more to the table. Combat with her is just that little bit more fluid and her unique selection of arrows makes her a lot more versatile too. Throw in her Quantum abilities and there really is no contest between the two.

Learning how to get the best out of Bishop may take a little longer than some of the other characters in the game, but, once mastered, few can come close to comparing. Ashly Burch does an excellent job of bringing the character to life too, with an excellent mixture of humor and emotion in her delivery providing an extra layer of depth to the character’s story.

Kamala Battling A Kree Sentry Controlled By MODOK

Abilities: Stretch, Grapple Swing, Polymorph, Door Smash, Embiggen, High Five & Healing Spirit.

There¨s no doubt that Kamala is?the most powerful character in the game by a landslide. Though it¨s obvious that she has been made the most powerful by Square Enix because in many ways, the whole game is Kamala¨s story, but her powers perfectly fit the narrative and vice versa. She can leap hurdles and knock out enemies at a distance thanks to her elasticity. Kamala doesn¨t use weapons, she is a weapon.

Not only is the character joyful and great for morale compared to some of the others in Marvel¨s Avengers, but she has a skill set that is unmatched by even Thor. The character has some of the most powerful melee attacks in the game, and with her ability to stretch, she can swiftly knock out aerial enemies and any approaching her from any direction. She has the best unlockable upgrades too.

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