[sharefactory]PS5’s Share Factory Studio Updated With 4K60 HDR Video

  The PS5’s native video editing app, Share Factory Studio, now supports HDR in a variety of scenarios, including screencaps and maximum-quality video.

  By Roger Fingas

  Published Apr 23, 2021



  Sony has updated its free editing app for PlayStation 5 owners, Share Factory Studio, with?a collection of new features. Chief among these though are support for HDR screenshots, and the ability to?produce HDR videos up to 4K resolution at 60fps.

  HDR stands for high dynamic range and allows compatible TVs (or other screens) to?show?starker picture contrast, often accompanied by a wider color range. In still photos, HDR tends to present more?detail in both shadows and highlights. Watching HDR video on a PS5 requires a?screen compatible with the common HDR10 format, but Sony hasn’t added support for Dolby Vision or HDR10+ so far. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X can handle both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

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  Sony announced the Share Factory Studio update via the PlayStation Blog. Related to the HDR upgrades are new icons, indicating if a video clip is in HD, 4K, and/or HDR.?This should help gamers avoid inconsistent footage – a 1080p, SDR (standard-range) clip can look noticeably inferior next to one recorded in 4K HDR. Separately, meanwhile, limits have been lifted on how many clips, transitions, and music tracks can be used. Track 1 clips have been?doubled from 50 to 100, while Track 2 has been bumped up from 10 to 20. Track 1 transitions have grown from 49 to 99, and music tracks have risen from 12 to 24. Sony says these were frequent requests?from the?PS5?community, so the changes have been well-received so far.



  Track 2 editing has been upgraded with a tapestry look and support for Layouts and Frames, which can add more?elaborate style to a video. The app has also gained better media management and integration with the PS5 Media Gallery – this means that videos and screenshots can be sorted by Favorites, potentially making it easier to pick out editing material.

  Share Factory Studio launched alongside the PS5. It originated though as SHAREfactory for the PS4, which first launched in April 2014 – five months after the console’s release. That?system was Sony’s first to include a dedicate?sharing button on its gamepad, carried over to the PS5?as a “Create” button on the DualSense controller. A similar button is present on the Xbox Series X/S controller,?as well as Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, though Nintendo’s button is meant for screenshots and video, but only at lower resolutions. The company could join Sony and Microsoft in emphasizing 4K screen recordings once it?ships the heavily rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, rumored to be coming before March 2022.


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  Source:?PlayStation Blog


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