[new resident evil game]Dead By Daylight Should Add Dracula As A Killer (& How It Could Work)

  In honor of classic horror, a Dracula DLC should be added to Dead By Daylight, which could new survivors, AI companions, and a new map.

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  Dead By Daylight is notorious for its Killers. Over the five years since the game’s launch, many licensed Killers have been added alongside the game’s original characters.?The most recent addition is?Resident Evil’s Nemesis, who is joined by Leon and Jill as Survivors. These new characters bring three perks with them, and the new Killers also have new powers. The?Resident Evil DLC?for Dead By Daylight even added a new gameplay mechanic in Nemesis’ AI zombies. While these latest additions are exciting,?Dead By Daylight has yet to truly honor classic horror. The perfect way to do this would be to add Dracula as a Killer.

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  The licensed Killers that have been added to?Dead By Daylight have ranged from Pyramid Head from?Silent Hill to Michael Myers from?Halloween. While it is always fun to play as infamous horror villains, their additions to the game also bring new Survivors, perks, and even maps. Whenever a new DLC is launched, even an original one like All Kill with the Trickster,?Dead By Daylight seems almost new again, and it is because there is so much content added. Trying to figure out how to play as – or play against – new Killers refreshes the gameplay. And learning the new perks can make playing against older Killers more interesting. Adding Dracula to the mix would not only add additional content, but open the door to a whole new batch of Killers and Survivors.


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  An interesting part of Dracula’s character, and that of vampires in general, is his ability to transform himself. This could introduce a whole new power to the game. Dracula could transform himself into a swarm of bats that allows him to move very quickly across the map. As far as a weapon, Dracula doesn’t need one – he has his fangs, after all, and he could drain the blood from survivors. This could occur in a way that’s similar to Michael Myer’s power in Dead By Daylight, or it could be that the life is drained within a certain radius of Dracula. He could also physically bite the Survivors as his main attack.


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  Dracula could also benefit from AI helpers like Nemesis, but instead of zombies, they could be his three Brides. They may be more agile and intelligent than the zombies, making them a tad more difficult to face. Additionally, a new item could be added to the game in order to deal with them – wooden stakes. Like the vaccines scattered around the map when Nemesis is the Killer?in Dead By Daylight, wooden stakes could be available for Survivors to use to get rid of Dracula’s Brides. In order to keep them from being overpowered, they should only be able to injure or entrance Survivors. An entranced Survivor could possibly move slower or be unable to vault through windows.


  Along with Dracula, the DLC could add two new Survivors. Bram Stoker’s original version of the tale provides plenty of options. The most likely to be chosen would probably be Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker, as these two tell most of the story, although Van Helsing and Lucy Westenra could also work well. As far as perks, these could be something like extra intelligence that allows the Survivor to see where Dracula or his Brides are, or an ability to be less affected by the Brides’ enchantments. There could also be perk that allows flashlights or flash bangs to?burn Dracula like the sun in horror movies. The possibilities are almost endless.


  A potential Dracula DLC could also add a new map to the game, which would, naturally, be his castle in Transylvania. The setting would be perfectly creepy and foreboding, not to mention fitting as Jonathan Harker is briefly trapped there in the novel. It would also be fun to have coffins instead of lockers for Survivors to hide in. However?the?Dead By Daylight developers choose to do it, Dracula deserves to be added to the game. A lot of new content and gameplay mechanics could be made possible for this DLC. And even better, adding this classic horror Killer could lead the way for others to be added as well.


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