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  My Time at Portia is an interesting and fun take on the farming simulator genre of games. This guide shows players some tips for the game.

  By Cody Peterson

  Published Jan 16, 2021


  My Time at Portia Garden

  Despite the fact that the farming simulation genre has been around for a very long time, players have still been having a blast playing around with My Time at Portia. This game is actually similar in nature to titles like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, so building up the player’s property and making friends are very important facets of the game. My Time at Portia is a cute and fun game to explore despite the fact that it is set in a post-apocalyptic society.

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  While the game is pretty cutesy for the most part, it is still a pretty difficult process for new players to grow used to it. It has similar features as other game’s in the genre, but those who go in expecting their Stardew Valley skills to save them will find themselves broke pretty fast. This guide shows new players some tips for My Time at Portia.


  My Time at Portia Horse

  Fix Your House’s Floor First – Once players start the game the first thing that they will probably notice is that the floor of their house is full of massive holes. Not only is this a pretty big eyesore, but it will also prevent the player from being able to sleep in the bed to get a full night’s sleep. This is a big issue considering the fact that this is the only way to completely refill the stamina bar. In order to rectify this problem one of the first things that the player should do is go around and gather as much wood as possible to begin patching these holes. Each one will take forty pieces of wood, so players should get to work immediately.


  Create A Few Storage Boxes – One of the biggest downsides to this game is that the character has a very limited amount of inventory space available to them. This is why the player will want to start building storage boxes as soon as they can to start putting extra materials inside. It is highly recommended that the player keeps every single piece of important resources (wood, stones, minerals, etc…) that they come across, but that’s hard to do with only 16 inventory spaces. The storage boxes can be placed anywhere in and around the player’s house so they are perfect for keeping extra things inside.


  Talk To Everyone You Walk Past – Building up relationships with the townsfolk is a great way to move forward in the game. By becoming friends with people the player can be given discounts on their products, receive gifts, or even get stat bonuses just by being friendly with them. It can be kind of boring to seek people out, so a good idea is to just talk to people every time that they are seen. Talking to someone immediately increases the player’s relationship with them, so speaking to everyone every day will ensure that they become friends with minimal effort on the part of the player.

  Stay Up Late and Watch The Stamina Meter – There is only so much that the player can do in a given day and so many actions that they can complete before they become too tired. Once the clock hits 3 AM the player will actually just pass out and wake up the next morning. Unlike some other games in this genre though there is no downside to staying up till the player passes out, so its a good idea to do this every single day to ensure that everything gets done before bed. The stamina meter will need to be watched though because players will eventually become too tired to keep doing things. If stamina runs out the player can sit down or rest to recover the stamina bar.


  Focus on Upgrades ASAP – One of the most important things that players should be doing is always working towards upgrades for their tools. This is because once these tools have been upgraded they will be able to break apart stronger objects to obtain materials. This will also allow the player to more efficiently acquire resources, which means more efficient use of the player’s stamina. Upgrades will require better resources though, so players will need to spend a considerable amount of time inside the mines getting things like tin, copper, and iron.

  My Time in Portia Tree Chopping

  Remember To Give Out Gifts – Another thing that players need to keep in mind is that one of the best ways to acquire friends in the game is by giving gifts out to the people that they see. Each character has a list of things that they like more than others, so if players gift them these things they can ensure that they obtain more friend points. There are also some items that characters will not like at all, so the player won’t obtain any points at all. One thing that players will want to always keep on hand is Topaz, because no one in the game dislikes it and giving it out will increase the player’s friendship points.


  Keep An Eye on Market Fluctuations – Players who really want to make money fairly quickly in this game will really want to keep an eye on the market. Every single day prices will change and players will see them steadily rise and drop. The best way to make money is to buy or craft things when the market has dropped and prices are low, and then wait for when market prices go back up to resell things. Whenever possible players should wait to sell their most expensive objects for when the market has hit its highest point.

  Animals and Farming Aren’t Lucrative Early On – In something that seems incredibly antithetical to other games in this genre, farming and taking care of animals is a horrible way to make money. This is especially true if the player wants a solid amount of money in the early moments of the game. The biggest issue with farm-related activities is that in order to make a lot of money off of the players need to be willing to put a considerable amount of money into them. On top of this as well players are forced to spend time and stamina working with them as well, which stops them from being able to invest in other money-making opportunities.


  Furniture and Clothing Provides Stat Bonuses – A great way to improve stats in My Time At Portia is by equipping clothing and putting furniture inside of the house. Each of these items can have stat increases for the player’s health, stamina, defense, or even attack stats. It is a good idea to go through everything that is obtained on the player’s journey through the mines to see if they can be helpful for boosting an important stat.

  Sell Off Any Duplicate Pieces of Equipment or Furniture – While things like clothing and furniture are incredibly important for stat increases, the player’s stats can only be improved so far. Since this is the case the player can go and sell off any duplicates of different items that they own. This goes the same for any weapons that the player might find because they only need to keep the strongest pieces of equipment. If the player has relics they should save one for building on their property and one for the museum, but everything else can be sold off for a little bit of extra cash.


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  My Time at Portia can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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