[Resident Evil 5]10 Hilarious Wesker Memes That Prove He’s The Best Resident Evil Villain

  Albert Wesker is easily the best villain in the entire Resident Evil franchise and these hilarious memes prove it.

  By Jason Wojnar

  Published Jun 03, 2021


  Wesker RE split image

  Resident Evil Village?is chock full of villains who will be remembered by gamers for years to come. Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg come to mind as particularly striking baddies. However, none of them hold a candle to Albert Wesker, the main antagonist of the franchise from the 1996 debut entry until 2009’s?Resident Evil 5.

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  Even though the character died over a decade ago, fans keep his memory alive the only way the Internet knows how; through hilarious memes. The ten memes below show just how incredible of a character Wesker was, encompassing all the hammy goodness and melodrama for which the franchise is known.


  His one weakness

  Wesker was a seemingly unstoppable beast. He is ripped to shreds by the Tyrant in the first?Resident Evil and then seemingly dies again in?Code: Veronica. His one weakness was apparently lava, as proven by the last boss fight in?Resident Evil 5. Even then it can hardly be considered a weakness. We’d be pretty proud of ourselves if the only thing that could hurt is literally molten lava.


  People might find Wesker stupid for wasting so much time explaining plans to Chris Redfield instead of just killing him. However, they don’t understand the importance of being menacing and stylish. What’s the point in killing an arch-nemesis if they do not first understand what your world-conquering plans are? If Uroboros takes over the world but no Chris Redfield is around to see it, did it really take over the world?


  Sound wesker logic

  Resident Evil 5 finally features Ozwell Spencer, Umbrella’s founder. He is quickly disposed of by Wesker, who basically wants to do the same thing as Spencer and comes significantly closer to accomplishing the goal.

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  But really, what gives Wesker the right to be a god? After all, he is bested by Chris Redfield, a mere mortal. If anything, Chris is the more divine character, and he has no viruses or parasites inside him.

  Wesker meme smash

  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been such a dream come true, it almost feels selfish to ask for more. Imagine how cool it would be to see Wesker in the fighting game. A stage based on either the Spencer Mansion, Raccoon City, or the volcano from?Resident Evil 5 would only sweeten the deal. He might have a problem with any stage involving lava or extreme heat, however. The “has 7 minutes to spare” comment is a reference to a line from?Resident Evil 5.


  Wesker final chapture

  The film adaptations helmed mostly by Paul W.S. Anderson only loosely followed the games and were mostly entirely separate by the end. Characters only resembled their video game counterpart by name and sometimes appearance. Wesker is bested by a door in?Resident Evil: The?Final Chapter. Comparing that to melting in lava while getting shot in the face by two RPG missiles really showcases the extreme differences between the films and the games.

  Wesker logic meme

  Wesker is gracious enough to lend Chris Redfield seven minutes of a fight near the end of?Resident Evil 5. This turned out to be a fatal mistake, since Chris actually ends up winning in the end. Seven minutes is also plenty of time for Madonna and Justin Timberlake to save the world, leaving them with three minutes to spare. Wesker would have won if he just went through with his plan without showboating, but hubris is the downfall of many.


  Wesker's Witneses

  Maybe in?Resident Evil 2, all Mr. X wanted to do was tell Leon and Claire about his best friend Albert Wesker. Aside from his large size and gray skin, Mr. X really does not look too scary.

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  We guess the fact that he rips the player to bits once he gets his hands on them is enough evidence to the contrary, though. Who knows, though, maybe being a zombie in?Resident Evil isn’t all that bad and other zombies just want humans to know how good it is.

  Wesker meme

  This is certainly one way to rationalize Wesker’s weakness to lava. He didn’t die because lava simply kills everything it touches; he was just too cool for the extreme heat. The person in the picture is Jake Muller, Wesker’s son and one of the playable protagonists of?Resident Evil 6. It must be difficult to be the son of somebody who tried to destroy the world. It is even harder when your dad was as cool as?Wesker.


  Wesker at home meme

  We mean no disrespect to the actor who portrayed Albert Wesker in the?Resident Evil?films, since he was just doing a job, but fans cannot help but compare the film version of Wesker to the game counterpart. Albert Wesker is one of the coolest video game villains of all time, and in the movies he is just another character in the large ensemble. Actor Tom Hopper will play him in the upcoming?Resident Evil: Welcome to?Raccoon City, a new film adaptation that looks to follow the games more closely.

  Chris killing wesker

  How do you kill the seemingly unkillable villain? Shooting him in the face with a rocket launcher while he melts in lava seems to do the trick. If that does not work, then a bad joke on top of it all might be just the thing. Wesker’s death is ridiculous in?Resident Evil 5, but it seems normal after the insanity preceding it. This is the same fight where Chris punches a boulder out of the way, after all.

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