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  10 Games To Play If You Liked For Honor

  By Pedro Guillen

  Published Jun 05, 2021


  If you loved this medieval battlefield game but you want to find even more glory, check out these similar games.

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  With its unique take on stance-based combat and ever-evolving world, there are few gaming experiences like For Honor. With three separate factions, over a dozen characters, and multiple customization options, For Honor packs in a lot of content alongside its unique gameplay experience.

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  Although nothing might scratch the same itch as For Honor, some games share similar characteristics to either gameplay or aesthetic. If you’re burnt out, cooling off after an intense match, or just looking for something new to try, there are plenty of games out there that are worth considering.


  Mordhau Cover Picture

  You’re able to create a mercenary and fight in fast-paced game modes in this multiplayer medieval slasher. Mordhau has a variety of game modes, from small skirmishes to large-scale massive wars that you can play with other players or AI.

  The similarities don’t stop there, as Mordhau delivers on in-depth character customization and a variety of weapons and playstyles. Fight anywhere on the map and employ a variety of different tactics with its combat system striking a nice balance between fun and realism. The skill ceiling is high and it’s surely something you could sink hundreds of hours into.

  Dark Souls 3 tips

  Creating a character, adjusting your build, wide open and sprawling areas, punishing combat, rolling, and everything else of that nature — Dark Souls will not disappoint if you are into the competitive aspect of For Honor. It even shares aesthetic similarities to the art style of For Honor, with its dark fantasy setting being comfortable for any Knight players.

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  While not primarily a multiplayer experience, the PVP arena system in Dark Souls games gives the same excitement and feeling that 1v1 Duels in For Honor does. Both games will keep you on your feet at all times.


  Two Characters Dueling Hellish Quart

  Hellish Quart is for the fans of For Honor who gain joy from outplaying their opponent and striking them at the right moment. Hellish Quart is still in early access but already looks impressive as a physics-based realistic 3D sword dueling game.

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  The game is difficult and punishing if you make the wrong move. Precision and mind games are key to winning. There are multiple classes already, giving variety as you fight through many quick but stressful duels. The only issue is that the game only has local multiplayer right now.

  Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Commander and Army in an open field

  The Mount & Blade series is sure to be right up your alley if you liked For Honor. The newest addition to the series, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, has a large focus on free-roaming and large battles. Unfortunately, it’s not quite finished yet.

  Meanwhile, Mount & Blade: Warband is deeply beloved by fans and has a good mixture of strategy and third-person combat. The faction system in the game is something For Honor fans would be familiar with and goes a lot deeper than For Honor’s system.


  Nioh Promotional Cover Image

  If Dark Souls scratches the For Honor itch for Knight players, then Nioh does the same for Samurai players. The multitude of weapons allows for plenty of different playstyles and For Honor players will be pleased to see that Nioh is one of the few games that also have a stance system.

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  Although Nioh 1 and 2 are mostly single-player games, they are designed to be replayed multiple times. As you learn its deep combat system, there’s no shame in returning and trying something new on your third or fourth playthrough.

  An Absolver Character and Nobushi from For Honor

  Absolver is a fantastic PVP multiplayer experience with an unfortunate lack of active players. There is depth to the customization features as players could design their own personal attack flow with combat style, weapons, and a combat deck.

  Movement is crucial in Absolver, as you balance between stances and trading blows with attacks, dodges, and parries. It would be great to have more updates and a boost in players, but it seems like the developers have moved on to other games.


  Chivalry Medieval Warfare Knights Rushing Into Battle

  Chivalry contains a deep melee combat system that allows players to adjust their attacks and blocks in real-time with precision and a large range of responsive combat options. Combine that with the strategy and tools involved in the siege game mode and you have a game that appeals to Breach players in For Honor.

  There is a steep learning curve, but you could always go into an offline practice mode to hone your skills. The adjustment from third-person to first-person is one you will have to make, but it’s worth it for the chance to experience the glory of combat in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

  Middle Earth Shadow Of War City Siege

  For fans of the troop and territory system in For Honor, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is there for you. Whether it’s the story, dynamic and unique Nemesis system, or stunning graphics that still hold up to this day, there is something in Shadow of War that is bound to interest you.

  Outside of any single-player activities, there are time-consuming multiplayer features that will keep you entertained long after you finish the story. Regardless of who you are, there is something awesome to do in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.


  Conqueror's Blade

  Conqueror’s Blade is a tactical free-to-play action MMO where you command a vast army and use siege weapons to attack enemy castles in large-scale PVP battles. Although the focus shifts from mostly one-on-one duels that are part of a larger battle, this game shares?many?similarities with For Honor.

  You can create a house and join forces with other players, similar to the faction system. You can choose to play as one of the different classes, with each having distinct playstyles and tactical advantages. Finally, you can take control of land in a vast ever-changing open world.

  kingdom come deliverance

  Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a story-driven open-world medieval RPG. You can eliminate enemies in many different ways, whether it be a stealthy, distant approach or a heads-on aggressive encounter. There are plenty of mechanics to learn as you advance through the dynamic story.

  Just like the world in For Honor, your decisions and actions influence what happens. This is mostly done through quest lines and in-game actions. If you need a break from the intense multiplayer action, Kingdom Come might be just for you.

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