[CrossfireX]CrossfireX devs are working on a brand new AAA open-world FPS, powered by Unreal Engine

  Smilegate, the creators of the shooter franchise Crossfire and other games such as Lost Ark, which is yet to arrive to West, have a brand new IP in the works. Smilegate recently established a new studio with a team of game industry veterans – Smilegate Barcelona studio, to work on a new AAA game and today, we have first details about this project, thanks to a job listing on SmileGate’s official website.

  One of the open positions at Smilegate Barcelona is

  a Senior Project Manager

  . The official job description states that the studio are looking for “an experienced Project Manager for their Barcelona game studio to help in the creation of a new Open World FPS IP”.


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  Job listing on Smilegate’s website

  This confirms that the studio are working on another first-person shooter but this one will be AAA project built on Unreal Engine, according to another job listing on the website. As seen in this

  Lead Engine Programmer

  role, the ideal candidate needs to have a “strong understanding of Unreal engine and how to expand it.”

  ”Understanding of all game engine systems to work with and discuss needs from other departments and generate cost-effective pipelines,” it’s also written in the job description.

  Additionally, Smilegate’s Careers page reveals that candidates would work on “creating meaningful and inspiring areas that players will want to explore” and have a “good respect for combat spaces and the metrics used in their construction enabling dynamic and compelling battle spaces”.

  Ultimately, the goal is to create a game that would be a “combination of best in class combat and exploration spaces to create a living world of possibility that will deeply immerse players”.

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