[Dark Souls Remastered]Fan-made ‘Dark Souls’ sequel ‘Nightfall’ will launch this December

  Dark Souls: Nightfall, which is a fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, just got its first official release date trailer.

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  Dark Souls: Nightfall will include a new combat system, world map and an original story. The development team behind the sequel is building the mod using 2018’s Dark Souls Remastered.

  The short trailer released yesterday (June 26) shows the mod in action, including the new locations and bosses which will feature in the sequel.


  Nightfall may be a sequel to the first game, but the combat in the trailer looks closer to From Software’s recent releases like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Soul 3. Both games featured faster combat and also combat abilities, which can be seen in the Nightfall trailer.

  One of the developers behind the project, Grimrukh, described the project as “a brand new Souls game built using the Dark Souls engine and assets.”

  The developer also stated one of his favourite titles inspired Nightfall: “Nightfall also takes many cues from the design of The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, one of my favorite games.”

  The team behind the mod released an 18-minute gameplay video earlier this year, showing the opening moments of the game.


  Similarly to Dark Souls, players begin in the Undead Asylum. However, rather than being picked up by a crow like in the original title, players will jump into the Kiln of the First Flame. It’s from here that players watch the ending of the first game but from a new perspective.

  Dark Souls: Nightfall will release on December 21, one month before From Software’s Elden Ring releases globally.

  In other gaming news, Activision Blizzard won a lawsuit against wrestler Booker T earlier this week in relation to a claim of character likeness.

  Booker T’s lawsuit claimed the character design on his comic G.I. Bro And The Dragon Of Death bore a striking resemblance to Prophet from Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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