[appvalley android]How to Download AppValley

  AppValley offers iOS users an alternative to the iOS app store. Comprehensive and packed with thousands of modified apps and games, it’s totally free and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device. Here’s what you need to know.

  AppValley Features:

  As well as being free, AppValley provides all of this content:

  App Store Apps – official iOS apps and games

  AppValley Apps – unofficial content, including media streamers, game emulators, Cydia Tweaks and more

  Tweaked Apps – stock apps with new features

  Modified Games – stock games with all in-app features and bonuses unlocked

  How to Download AppValley:

  AppValley is easy to install:

  Open the linked AppValley download page and tap on a config profile link

  Tap Allow on the new page and then tap Install

  Your Settings app opens, tap Install Profile

  Type your passcode and Safari browser will open

  Tap on Install AppValley ad then tap Install

  Settings will open, tap Install > Next > Done

  When you see AppValley on your home screen, you know the app is installed and ready to use

  How to Use AppValley:

  Launch AppValley from your homepage

  Tap Apps on the Menu bar

  Tap an app category

  Find an app or game – a search bar is included to help you

  Tap the app you want and then tap Install

  The app icon will go to your home screen

  If you see an Untrusted Developer error on any app you install, read on for details on how to fix it.

  Frequently Asked Questions:

  Here we answer the most common questions about AppValley:

  How Do I Fix the Untrusted Developer Error?

  You get this with most unofficial content and is easy to fix:

  Open iOS Settings > General > Profiles

  Tap the developer’s name from the error message and tap Trust

  Now the error should not appear

  Is My Warranty Safe?

  Yes. AppValley does not require you to jailbreak your device so it is legal to use. It doesn’t break through any of Apple’s iOS security either. If you download any tweaks, you may want to delete them if your device needs repair – you can always reinstall them later.

  App Cannot Be Verified/Downloaded – Why Not?

  This is likely because Apple has revoked the app certificate, as they do with most unofficial content. The developers are probably updating it so just wait a couple of hours and try again – it should work. If not, delete it and reinstall it. You may also get an error message saying, “Can’t Connect to AppValley” – this is the same thing so wait a while before trying again.

  Can I Request a Specific App?

  Yes, just use the official developer Twitter feed – as they get so many, they may not be able to honor all requests, though.

  Common AppValley Errors:

  Although AppValley is reliable, some users are reporting a couple of errors. These are easy to fix:

  Blank/White Screen or Greyed Icon

  This is easy enough to fix:

  Open Settings > Safari

  Tap Clear Website Data

  The screen and/or icon should now be back to normal

  AppValley Stopped Working

  This is because Apple cannot verify the developer or app source – you can:

  Delete AppValley and reinstall it

  Open iOS Settings > General and go to Profiles

  Tap the developer’s name and tap Verify

  Close Settings, the app should work again

  Invalid Argument Supplied Error:

  This looks worse than it is:

  Delete AppValley

  Reinstall it and then power your device off

  Turn it back on, open AppValley and go into the settings

  Apply any updates waiting and try again – the error should be gone

  Cannot Download

  Another common error, this one is easy to resolve

  Delete AppValley

  Reboot your device and reinstall the app – it will now work

  Profile Installation Failed:

  This error usually arises when the Apple Servers are struggling with too much traffic. First, just wait a while and then try again. If the error still doesn’t go away after a couple of goes, try these steps:

  Enable Airplane mode on your iOS device

  Open Settings > Safari

  Tap Clear History and Website Data

  Tap Clear History and Data

  Disable Airplane mode and leave your device for a couple of minutes

  Reinstall AppValley and it should go ahead without issue/

  My AppValley Apps Have Crashed

  Again, this is down to the certificate being revoked by Apple but you can prevent this from happening quite easily. Simply install one of the recommended VPNs when you install AppValley. This protects your data, your app certificates, and your privacy – be aware that free VPNs do not work as well as paid ones and are not as safe to use.

  AppValley is one of the best third-party app installers ever released, offering a huge choice of apps, games and more. Join millions of users and download it today.

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