[kingdom hearts iii re:mind]Kingdom Hearts 4 Details Possibly Uncovered in Kingdom Hearts 3


  It looks as though Kingdom Hearts III might have tucked away an in-game teaser that could tell players where the franchise is going in future installments. Although the newly uncovered information could be in relation to anything else, what is being described seems to line up with what we know about the future of the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole.

  Spotted on Reddit by user Blubbpaule, it looks like the back of the box of Verum Rex, which is a fictional game that appears within Kingdom Hearts III, could provide some teases about where the series is going. For those who finished the entirety of Kingdom Hearts III, and its accompanying Re Mind DLC, Verum Rex ends up playing a rather major role as its world is one that Sora becomes trapped within. In the events of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, it is discovered that the name of this world that Sora lies within is specifically called Quadratum.

  The Backside of the Verum Rex Game in Kingdom Hearts 3. Possibly some insight on Quadratums history? from r/KingdomHearts

  As for how this boxed copy of Verum Rex may be teasing the future of the series, it seems to provide some details on Quadratum as a whole. The box features mentions of the “King of Truth” and also seems to encourage players to “reclaim your heart.” Whether or not this is supposed to be in reference to Sora specifically isn’t really clear, however. There is also mention of something called “Karma” but it’s uncertain just what this could be. At this point, Kingdom Hearts III has failed to say anything about Karma, but if this is indeed a teaser like we think it is, we could see it mentioned more in future entries.

  No matter what the truth might be, it seems Square Enix is once again playing 4D chess when it comes to the storytelling of Kingdom Hearts. This is a series that has long toyed with its fans when it comes to world-building, and assuming that this tease is in fact meant to be a tease, it’s not surprising to see this happening all over again.


  The only downside is that, at the moment, it seems like the next mainline Kingdom Hearts game could still be pretty far out. Fortunately, if you haven’t played through any entries in the series just yet, nearly the entire saga is coming to PC later this month on March 30.

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