[madden 12]Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes Madden NFL 22 cover first of its kind in 12 years

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  The cover for the next installment of the?Madden?NFL franchise will be a historic one, as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes grace the front of?Madden 22.

  Electronic Arts formally announced?Madden NFL 22?with a “Dynamic Gameday” Trailer showcasing each of the two cover athletes.

  This is Madden like you’ve never seen it…

  It’s a whole new vibe with ALL-NEW Dynamic Gameday

  Pre-Order Now: https://t.co/crmTeY1hzH #Madden22 pic.twitter.com/jB15VcSfLK

  — Madden NFL 22 (@EAMaddenNFL) June 17, 2021

  This is the first time two players have shared the cover of the famous NFL gaming franchise since?Madden 10, when Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu were dual cover athletes.

  Both Mahomes and Brady have been on the cover in recent years, but both were excited for the chance to share the honor together:

  “To think that now, almost 30 years later, 25 years later, since the mid-’90s, here I am representing EA on the cover of Madden with one of the other great players in the NFL right now,” Brady told ESPN. “And just thinking how fortunate I’ve become over the years to put myself in this position to have these experiences in my life that I’m very grateful for.

  “So it’s a really cool thing. It’s definitely a huge honor, and getting to do it with Patrick and the career he’s had has been exceptional.”

  Electronic Arts first teased the cover with an image of a goat and what was presumed to be a “baby goat.” There had been ample speculation the image hinted at Brady and Mahomes sharing the cover together.

  Indeed, two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL are also now the faces of one of the most famous sports gaming franchises in the world.

  One can only hope the “Madden curse” does not strike and that Brady and Mahomes have the chance to possibly square off in another Super Bowl.

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