[mosquito lake state park]Trumbull Co. Rep. Mike Loychik says Mosquito Lake Park should be named ‘Donald J. Trump State Park’

  TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – Mosquito Lake has been the focal point of central Trumbull County ever since it was finished in 1944. It’s surrounded by Mosquito Lake State Park.

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  Now, Trumbull County State Representative Mike Loychik (R-Bazetta), who has been in office for two and a half months, wants to change the name of the park to Donald J. Trump State Park.

  In a statement, Loychik said, “This legislation is meant to honor the commitment and dedication that our 45th president… bestowed upon the great people of Trumbull County. I witnessed the unprecedented and astounding support that President Trump received.”

  “I will be leading the opposition,” said Rep. Mike O’Brien (D-Warren).

  O’Brien also represents a part of Trumbull County. He and Loychik each represent different sections of the park.

  Loychik says the “enthusiasm for our former president was also historic throughout the state,” which is why he plans to introduce legislation to change the name and is looking for co-sponsors.

  But O’Brien is against it.

  “Why would you want to change the name of a state park to a president that is the only president in this country’s history that’s been impeached twice?” O’Brien wonders.

  Loychik was elected to be state representative for the 63rd District in November.

  Trump won not only Ohio in 2020, but also carried Trumbull County in 2020 and 2016.

  O’Brien says that while changing the park’s name could be done through the state legislature, the lake is run by the Army Corps of Engineers. So changing the lake’s name would take an act of Congress.

  “My point is, why would you have two different names? You would have one park name and a different lake name, and the lake is the park.” O’Brien said.

  Loychik ended his statement with, “I have more exciting news to come on this initiative.”

  O’Brien said if we’re going to change the name, then change it to someone known for Trumbull County, like William McKinley, Clarence Darrow or the Packard Brothers.

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