[Anime Planet Re Zero]Anime is TRASH SO AM i?Anime is just a technology,Don’t bring malicious

  What is ANIME ISTRSH SO AM I?Anime is just a technology,Don’t bring malicious


  I believe friends who like animation,Some people will be misunderstood,Think that it is something to give your child, etc.After all, it is also a kind of hobby,So it is also understandable.In fact, this phenomenon is not just our own,Even if it is abroad,Many people will have certain misunderstandings.Therefore, there is also a sentence “Anime is Trash SO AM I”.For friends who like two yuan,This sentence should be unfamiliar,However, many people still have certain misunderstandings about this sentence.So today,Let’s talk about this topic.



  1: Helpless resistance

  If this sentence, if you direct translations,Means “Anime is garbage,me too”,It is so straightforward.Can actuallyThis sentence is originally introduced abroad.In fact, this sentence is reflected,It is often a kind of resistance to people who like anime.So the correct meaning of this sentence,It should be “I am trash,So don’t need you to do what you want.to be honest,It is not willing to explain it.Of course,This is the meaning of this sentence abroad.Often popular in Japan and Europe, America,This sentence is incoming to us,In fact, there is another kind of meaning.That is “what I like,Don’t need you to manage “.


  2: What is the ambiguity of ANIME ISTRASH SO AM i?

  Some people may feel weird.It is clear that it is a sentence.Why have two different explanations at home and abroad?about this point,Unfair to personal lifestyle and social factors,It will not be said in detail here.Just have a common point,That is the so-called “resistance”,But our attitude is more active.After all, for us, many people,Anime is often just a kind of entertainment in your life.I will go to school in school tomorrow morning.so,This also leads to the root cause of “Anime IS Trash SO AM I” in the meanings of domestic and foreign countries.


  Is an anime just a technology?

  1: Anime is technology

  Why explain to you? “Anime is TRASH SO AM I”?the reason is simple,Because there are still many people who use this sentence to ridicule friends who like anime.In fact,Anime is a technology in my opinion.In fact, many so-called art works,Its core is the development of technology.For example,Because invented the photography,So there will be photography art,Because invented the movie,So there is movie art,And anime is the same,Because you can make the painting move,So there is an animation art,And with the improvement of performance and the development of technology,And the popularity and improvement of comic art, etc.So there is an anime,This is a technology.


  2: Anime is art

  Since it is technology,Why can you say art?This answer is actually unable to conflict.Because in this technology called “anime”, dramatic is added.Therefore, anime can become art.Just like many movies and film works,Based on literary art and drama theory,Constantly evolving and developing,Bringing a wonderful for the audience under the blessing of technology.Or the deep story,That is art.This is completely unable to in essentially.Since the movie can be understood,Photography can be understood,Then I believe that anime can be understood,The key is how you want to express this technology.Whether it is color,line,Water style,story,Music, etc.Use these elements to create a story,It is the standard that can be called art.


  The key is still on the creator,Instead of anime this technology,After all, it is not a photo of a photographer.It is not a casual to take a so-called movie to become a real big director.Moreover, anyone can paint painting can become Van Gogh.Intronise in the end,Technology provides people’s lives to provide rich possibilities,How to use these technologies to enrich our spiritual world,Still to see the creators’ understanding of art,And repair,Is a work that a work cannot be an important sign of “art”,Anime is just one of many technical forms.


  so,The world of animation can be colorful,Can be adult,It can also be children.It can also be a young and old,It is also a great artist like M. Miyazaki.So I hope that we can more understand and understand the animation.Of course,Anime is impossible to do everyone like it,We only need to choose what you like,Many understandings are more understandable.The same reason,Friends who like anime don’t need to be treated with an attitude of being biased.After all, the world is originally colorful.It is also because of rich,So we will have more choices.This is also some of my individual for animation,I hope that friends who like to like it can be three,thanks for your support.


  ?At last,I also like to like an ambulance like me.Can positively face your own life,As long as we constantly improve yourself,Responsible for their own,I believe that there will be more and more people understand and appreciate the art of our favorite.

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