[Cyber Shadow PSN][Ming Yue released a new product line MG Cyber]

  Mark SAIC released a new product line MG Cyber on March 31.And landing the world’s first user to create a platform MG Cyber Cube,Launched via Mg Cyber Cube platform,Mr. is expected to produce the “world’s first pure shot” Mg CyBerster “Mg CyBerster.Mg CyBerster has over-ran-level mechanical properties,Application through the non-die cell (CTP) technology,Implement 800 kilometers of long battery life,With the new 8-story Hair-Pin card issuer with self-research,Have the over-run level 3 seconds to break the hundred super fast acceleration; at the same time Mg CyBerster, not only equipped with L3 intelligent driving technology,More capabilities, mode, experience, content, etc. can be upgraded.Realize the vehicle upgrade experience of thousands of people.


  One of the two brands of the Shangqi Aquarium,Mark is in the global market,It has become more and more obvious with the differentiation of another brand Roewe.And as young people become the main group of consumption,This brand of racing and performance genes,How can I pass the original brand connotation?Get the favor of young consumers to become an important direction of the next decade.Through cooperation with electricity, test water for the production of ecological and launch a civilian sports car.Can the Men not come out of a unique young road?

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