[RE ZERO MEMORY SNOW]Buy a graphics card to send notebook thunder Zero measured

  Intel is also quite selection time,Just before the arrival of 618,Carry the new Tiger Lake H45 processor arrival,Start the empire counterattack.

  Compared with the previous generation of squeezed toothpaste,This Tiger Lake H45 finally bid farewell to 14nm ++++++++++,Synchronize the Willow Cove architecture with the 10nm Superfin process as the Tiger Lake-U.

  And the new architecture and process,The performance and specifications of this processor have been significantly improved.Even the favorite “I5” of the people also upgraded to the 6 core 12 thread specifications of the past I7.Synchronize with the desktop version,The cost is higher.

  This generation of Tiger Lake has also been a complete reservation.For example, native support PCIe 4.0, integrate lightning 4, full series support AVX512,Support 12bit H265 hard solution,10bit AV1 hard solution,And HDMI 2.0 Video output.In addition, there are 20 PCIe 4 that direct CPU.0 channel,High-performance graphics cards are not going to do with SSDs,PCIe 4 can be implemented.0,Tiger Lake H45 can be said to have obvious advantages in the surrounding extension.


  Summary: Tiger Lake H45 does not squeeze the toothpaste,Peripheral expansion capabilities are the most powerful mobile platform.


  How big is this performance true improvement?This time, in addition to the previous generation of test data with the same way of moving platforms,I also pulled the test data of the same desktop platform.In addition to verifying performance, test resultsMay refresh your concept,It is how much the performance gap between the mobile platform (notebook) is with the desktop platform (desktop).

  Test equipment description,Tiger Lake H45 note used by Tiger Lake H45 is coming from the latest Zero of Thunder.As a new replacement,This new product released the new product of Zero as the first product model equipped with Tiger Lake H45.As a brand new flagship model,In addition to very eye-catching design language,This new mold is also more concerned about heat dissipation and power consumption.CPU part of the official firmware can run to 65W,And the exaggerated violent version of BIOS can also further pull the upper limit.The graphics card part is also full of blood 140W.Used to compare the same desktop.


  The same generation and the previous generation of other laptop models,Also choose high-performance release models,It is guaranteed enough to represent each of them.And used desktop,Also the latest 11 generation cool desktop version i7 11700 + b560 + rtx3070 combination,In addition to specifications,The desktop correspondence is also unlocked (170W +),Even memory overclocking (DDR4 3600 Gear1),The performance of the desktop can even exceed most people to configure unopened state.

  The first is the CPU reference performance comparison,Although the desktop solving power consumption version of I7 11700 performance is still the strongest,But you can see if I7 11800h is close,Moreover, it is also obvious that the last generation of i7 10875h is also obvious.


  3DMark CPU physical performance test,The result is basically the same,In addition to the TIME SPY test, I7 11700 advantages will be more obvious.Other basic gaps are not large.


  So actual productivity applications,The difference in the short-term test project is still small.After all, this mainly looks short time outbreak.And I7 11700 wants to pull off the gap with the mobile version,Basically, only the long-term rendering item in Blender,Can pull the gap with relativeBut it is about two minutes in the ten minutes of rendering test.

  All test results are basically like this,If it is a short-term high load or intermittent high load project that is biased from the daily application,The benefit specification is similar to the desktop tablet,Tiger Lake H45 on the mobile platform has been able to get very close performance,Only scenes that need to be loaded for a long time (such as long-term rendering),The desktop platform can rely on more powerful heat dissipation (such as this side I7 11700 is 240 water-cooled) and the wrapping power supply range (the motherboard unlocks to 170W power supply) opens a certain gap.Such results are very difficult for mobile platforms.After all, Zero is not a size exaggerated model.The weight is also only 2.58kg.For Tiger Lake H45,This upgrade is obvious,As long as the configuration scheme cools up power enough,Its performance can express more powerful.


  The whole machine platform performance test entertainment master with pcmark10,The scores are high enough.


  Full blood RTX3070 mobile version has more powerful

  Difficult to do it,This is also directly pulled on the RTX3070 desktop version for comparison reference.This way, your performance difference will have more intuitive understanding.The first is a 3DMark graphics card performance benchmark.There is also the RTX3060 mobile version.Test Results,Raytheon Zero on this 140W RTX3070 contrast RTX3060 mobile version (also full of blood version) is quite big,Most of the project test results are very close to the desktop version of RTX3070,In addition to the Time SPY DX12 test pulls a relatively large gap.


  Actual game test performance,I tested 1080P and 2, respectively.5K (2560×1600) two resolutions,Convenient to understand the combination of solutions I7 11800H + RTX3070,Performance in different resolutions,After all, maybe there is a combination of the ashes game users to choose 1080P screen + 360Hz.

  The first is a competitive type game,Both is the highest picture setting,Even the highest performance is the highest to survive in 2.5K screen can reach the average frame of 110+,Other two games exceed 160+ just a refresh rate with ZERO’s screen.

  At 1080p resolution,The number of three frames can be improved by more than 30% of the number of frames.


  Support the game of light chasing type,First test the darkness of the ancient tombs separately,After all, it is also a game that does not support RTX + DLSS technology.

  Test Results,at 2.5K resolution,RTX is open to DLSS,Just an average frame of 62,The image quality is satisfied.Only turn on the RTX to close the DLSS,The number of frames has a certain extent,However, the average frame of 49 is also reached.As for 1080P or 2.5K does not turn on DLSS RTX is more relaxed.


  Other 3A games,Contains Dirt5 that supports light chasing,Galaxy rupture,Bright memory is unlimited,In the top of the highest image quality, 60+ average frame can be reached,And support the game,The number of frames after opening light is also acceptable.

  Overall game performance,Mobile version RTX3060 although cost-effective explosion table,But if the difference is not high (for example, about a thousand),Then RTX3070 is still worth buying,The performance gap is still more obvious.


  SPEC graphics card professional performance test results.The difference between this side of the test results with the 3DMARK graphics card game is relatively large.The desktop version of the RTX3070 advantage is quite big.On the one hand, it is the impact of GPU itself.In addition, it will affect long-time power consumption.After all, SPECViewPerf 13 test needs to run high power consumption for a long time.


  Raytheon used a set of Gaming style design language in Zero.And named “King”,Contains ZERO’s initial model name,It can also be seen that the level of valuation of this product is also possible.

  Thunder Zero has two main colors,Silver wing ash and phantom orange,I am the pharmaceutical orange color,The real thing can be said to be very eye-catching.I know that it may be blamed for some fever hardware players.But for ordinary people, this color is quite attractive.Several friends who see the real thing are to say this color.A face for the beauty of the design, also made a lot of decorative elements.And also very eye-catching,For example, the middle racing stripes,There is still a diamond bites.The lighting portion also includes a racing element in the RGB surrounding the lamp ring and RGB LOGO.


  In addition to some special models, the design element is complement to metal materials,I personally don’t have a special cold.Even very afraid of it,Therefore, the surface of the zero did not use a large number of metal noodles. I feel that the effect is not bad.


  Personal favorite is the bottom design,In particular, this “X” grill plus the combination of metal dustproof nets.Plus this bright orange look.


  The screen is in line with this year’s trend.The use of a 16-inch 16:10 2560×1600 resolution specification high brush,It is an additional entry.It is a pity that it is a pity that there is no switching option for graphics card directly.However, the performance performance measured by the machine is also compensated for this lack.


  After all, it is a flagship machine under the flagship of Thunder.RGB elements can naturally be safe.

  The system also has a set of control centers.The main setting is the performance mode switch (including office, game, violent).Alternatively, it can be customized for lighting elements on the body (logo, keyboard, ring taillight)


  The outlet position also uses the most popular RGB surround lamp ring.


  RGB backlight keyboard,After all, 16 “models,So the number keypad is also retained.Overall hand feels normal,Slightly subjected to soft,It may be a bit related to the key.In addition, it is a pity that there is no function of built-in fingerprint recognition or facial recognition.It may be that the user of the game is not much demand for this.


  Now the game is generally popular in the bottom of the wind.The design of the four sides,So many models of IO interfaces becomes such a tail interface + two-sided auxiliary design.ZERO includes: 3 x usb3.1 Gen1 Type-a,1 x usb3.1 Gen2 Type-C (support lightning 4 / DP 1.3),1 × 3.5mm two-in-one audio interface,1 × mini DP 1.4,1 × HDMI 2.0,1 × rj45,1 × power supply. It is a pity that there is no SD read card slot design.The other is already quite rare MINI DP 1.4 It is actually replaced by Type-C port better.Type-a is very rich,After all, most of the mainstream game peripherals are still using TYPE-A port.


  The largest opening angle of the screen.There is also a built-in HD camera on the top of the screen.


  The screen, the graphics card can be said to be a game this most important part.This year, the screen of each game is on the screen of the graphics card, which has ushered in a class jump.From the years, mainstream 1080p is directly upgraded to “2.5K “specification,The same is true of Zero,This time it is directly upgraded to a 16-inch 16:10 2560×1600 game screen.

  Why is the 16-inch machine in recent years have more and more?This dimension is visually better than the previous 15.6 inches (upgrade to 16:10),But the body size is heel 15.6 inches is quite quite (after all, the screen is also increased),Unlike 17 inches, it is huge, it is difficult to carry.So getting more popular.Revenue new screen,Zero’s screen is also increased to 91%,Avoid past bloated feelings.


  The maximum refresh rate of this screen is 165 Hz.The actual screen response speed is actually normal in this level.


  The screen color gamut is 100% SRGB,Calculating the highest practicability,The image of the actual test screen is also OK; the screen brightness standard official nominal 500nits,The measurement is slightly higher,Many people on the screen brightness will ignore,Although 300nits is also enough,But personal advice is optional,Try to choose the model of 400nits or more,Compare, don’t worry that the brightness is high.The screen backlight is also a DC backlight.So don’t worry about the low brightness screen.


  Actual game screen photo,Although there is no built-in color management,But actually factory colonies can also be.


  There is a separate red button on the upper right side of the Raytheon Zero keyboard,The function is used to open “one button strength”,It is a “powerful” model similar to air conditioning.Switch to the highest heat dissipation condition.Of course, personal suggest you not run or special cases.In fact, it is not necessary to use.Because it is also accompanied by a relatively large sound.


  Because the pyrolysis ability is almost equivalent to the current high-performance notebook,So Zero To ensure the complete release of Tiger Lake performance,Power consuming heat is also a lot of effort,The CPU single bake can also run average power consumption of 65 + W under the conventional stable fastener conditions.GPU is 140W,And the firmware CPU that brushes the online port of the network can run the average power consumption of 70 + W,It is already quite exaggerated to the mobile platform.Because the ordinary desktop board is limited to 95W.Under normal firmware double baked, you can also run to a range of 50W + 120W.The decline is not obvious.

  Conventional stabilization and radical function differences are mainly in multi-threaded performance test projects.The gap is not very large,So everyday use is not too necessary to brush the firmware of the radical version.


  The radical version of the firmware can be running to the power consumption of 72W


  Upgrade extension capacity is good,Because two M.2 SSD slot,Both support PCIe4.0.Some people may feel that the Tiger Lake model is not all 16 PCIe 4 of the graphics card.0 bandwidth,There are 4 left directly to the main SSD.Then another M.2 SSD can only take the PCIe3 of the motherboard chip.0 Bandwidth,But actually this is also the flexibility of Tiger Lake,OEM vendors can flexibly design according to their needs.Thereby split these 20 PCIe 4.0 demand,Zero is designed to be two M.2 SSD can implement PCIe4.0 solution.

  The memory part is also a reserved memory slot design to facilitate future upgrade expansion.


  The built-in battery size is almost 64Wh,The actual test battery is about three hours (PCMark 10 office mode,50% screen brightness,Longer life),This is also related to the power control of Tiger Lake.Because this generation of games have never become longer.

  Configure a 230W power supply.It is a pity that machine does not support PD charging.


  Current graphics card in PC hardware,The market is basically priced according to the force.The price of RTX3070 in a standgle force is around nine thousand.So what is the mobile version of the mobile version on Lei Shen Zero?No castration,Even about 65.That is, the value of the light show is nine thousand.And the RTX3070 mobile version of Raytheon ZERO even if the current 61 pre-sale price is 10499,That is, the body part is almost white,Even the RTX3060 version of 61 snapped price is 8499,Comparing desktops is simply conscience pricing,Even I feel that the advantages and disadvantages are still important?What is important is to grab it,Is there any goods.

  Of course, I still can’t be lazy.Say the advantages and disadvantages of Zero.


  1,The design of the racing style is still striking in the family products and is completed;

  2,This Tiger Lake H45 upgrade performance is relatively good.And there is a significant advantage of platform expansion capabilities;

  3,Thunder Zero except the appearance,The new mold also guarantees a new platform to get complete performance release;

  4,The screen is configured,It is also the high-end game this generation.


  1,The IO function is slightly regrettable.For example, fingerprint recognition, SD read card slot,MINI DP is not asked to change Type-C port;

  2,The graphics card is directly connected to the external display to be implemented.But your powerful performance release makes up for this problem;

  3,PD charging is not supported,There is no way to alleviate the mobile phone life of the gamebook.


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