[destiny 2 tokens]Destiny 2: How to Get the Multimach CCX SMG (& God Roll)

  The Multimach CCX SMG is a Lightweight Frame Kinetic SMG, meaning players who use this weapon will be able to move faster when the weapon is equipped.

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  Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer?has launched its second week of Iron Banner, providing Guardians the opportunity to compete head-to-head in the Crucible under certain conditions. Iron Banner is one of Destiny’s more unique PvP modes, as the Light Level of individual players impacts their combat efficiency against one another. Additionally, Iron Banner brings the opportunity for players to earn a number of weapons and gear by acquiring Iron Banner Tokens.

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  Plenty of gear and weapons are up for grabs in Iron Banner, but they are only Iron Banner-related equipment. After the second week of Iron Banner ends on Tuesday, July 6 at 1 p.m. EST, players will have to wait until the final week of Iron Banner returns in Season of the Splicer. While some of the gear, like Destiny 2’s Riiswalker Shotgun, can be earned through the Iron-Handed Diplomacy quest, other pieces of gear can only be acquired through Iron Banner tokens. Players will have to earn and exchange these tokens in order to unlock the Multimach CCX SMG, for example.

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  The Multimach CCX SMG is a Lightweight Frame Kinetic SMG, meaning players who use this weapon will be able to move faster when the weapon is equipped. It has a lot of perks that are useful for both PvP and PvE, increasing the chances that players will earn a God Roll. The Multimach CCX can only be earned by exchanging Iron Banner tokens with Lord Saladin. Iron Banner tokens can be earned by winning or losing matches of Iron Banner, or by completing the bounties available from Lord Saladin. Additionally, completing Iron Banner bounties rewards players with a random piece of Pinnacle Gear.

  Legendary Sight


  Model 6 Loop Scope (PvP/PvE)IS 2 Classic (PvE)IS 5 Circle (PvE)Model 8 Red Scope (PvP)

  Legendary Magazine

  Appended Mag (PvP/PvE)Tactical Mag (PvP/PvE)Extended Mag (PvE)Accurized Rounds (PvP)Steady Rounds (PvP)

  Legendary Trait 1

  Killing Wind (PvP/PvE)Subsistence (PvP/PvE)Threat Detector (PvE)Quickdraw (PvP)Dynamic Sway Reduction (PvP)Hip-Fire Grip (PvP)

  Legendary Trait 2

  Kill Clip (PvP/PvE)One For All (PvE)Iron Grip (PvP)Unrelenting (PvP)

  The Multimach CCX is really designed to help players out when mobility is needed more than anything. For a PvP build, players might want to consider aiming for a Multimach CCX with the Model 6 Loop Scope, Appended Mag, Dynamic Sway Reduction, and Kill Clip. This build will optimize the Multimach CCX for both aiming down sights and firing from the hip, giving some increased accuracy for the close to mid-range fights. Alternatively, having Killing Wind instead of Dynamic Sway Reduction will provide this weapon with a good balance for both PvP and PvE.


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  Destiny 2?is available on?PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia platforms.


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